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AC Water Damage Restoration Atlanta Ga

Atlanta Water Damage Repair Experts is a division of Affordable Craftsmen, Ga State Licensed builders and general contractors with 15+ years of experience  helping customers with the clean up, drying out, repair and restoration of water damage.  We provide both residential and commercial Atlanta water damage restoration services.  From the initial phone call to the final punch-out of your repaired and restored space, we’re here for you…getting you, your home and your family’s life back to normal as soon as possible.

We work regularly with the major insurance carriers and know how to get you the money needed to make sure your water damage repair and restoration is covered.  Most of the time unless the water damage repair job is very small, we can credit you back for your deductible.  The insurance companies are usually reasonable to deal with, but once in a while you can run into an adjuster that’s difficult or stingy.  In that case, we have a public insurance adjuster that works with our clients to make sure they get enough money from their insurance company to put things back “good as new”.

In addition to a number of experienced crews and the right equipment, Atlanta Water Damage Repair Experts are licensed, bonded and insured per state requirement.  We  are a division of Affordable Craftsmen, an A+ rated water damage restoration contractor on the Atlanta Better Business Bureau and many other web directories.

Time is of the Essence When Your Home is Getting Wet…

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Whether a tree is on your home letting rain get in, your basement is flooded or your water heater just burst, call us to come start the clean up and dry out process.  The furnishings need to come out, the carpet often needs to get lifted up or come out then the fans and humidifiers land.  It’s important to get your property dry as quickly as possible to minimize the possibility of getting a mold problem.

Cleaning up, tarping off or otherwise repairing the water leak that started it can and should happen right away.  Not only do we repair and restore your home, but we’re glad to be part of the initial emergency response if you still have water needing cleaned up and things needing dried out.  Usually, the water itself is cleaned up, with fans, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers running before the insurance adjuster arrives on site.

Avoid Water Damage Repair Atlanta if You Can…

Even though we make our living doing water damage repair Atlanta, we’re always encouraging and teaching our customers what they can do to avoid water related problems in the future.  Each case can be very different, although most water damage starts with a drainage problem, plumbing failure or roof leak.  So keeping an eye on these things, reporting issues right away and getting them fixed quickly can go a long way in avoiding costly and frustrating water damage repair Atlanta.  The cost of water damage repair and restoration is almost always significantly greater than the cost of inspecting and maintaining the home or business in the first place.

Although many water damage situations are avoidable, there are still plenty of natural events that can cause the same damage, i.e. heavy rain, storms, flooding, lightning strike, a tree falling on your house or even a vehicle sliding off the road and into your living room.  Whether these events are considered “acts of God” can determine whether you’re covered or not?

Your Plumber can Make or Break Your Atlanta Water Damage Claim!

If you have a plumbing drain that’s clogged or backed-up, whether it’s clogged under your home’s foundation or footprint or out in the yard can make a huge difference in what your insurance carrier will cover.  If it’s clogged from tree roots out in the yard…well, that’s about the “worst case” scenario and will almost never be covered.  For this reason, you should make any emergency plumber that come to your home start by trying to snake the main drain line under you house 1st, then the main drain line from your house to the street and only if those two attempts fail, put a camera in the line to see if tree roots out in the yard are the issue.

AC Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Services at your Call…

When you need water damage restoration Atlanta, whether it’s an emergency or not…don’t hesitate to call your Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Experts at 404-620-4440 to ask any questions you may have or schedule one of us to come give you a free estimate.  Once you tell us about your specific Atlanta water damage, we can let you know whether the clean up and restoration is likely to be covered by your insurance carrier.

Letting you know how pleased I am

Sep 10, 2012 by Ryans Matthews

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. As a new customer, it\'s always hard to know if you\'ve selected the right service. Everyone I talked to at Atlanta Water Damage Repair Experts was very pleasant and professional. The crew that came out did an excellent job with my huge, very overgrown tree. It looked good when they were finished and they cleaned up everything. The job was also done at the price I was quoted.

Repeat Customer

Jun 21, 2012 by Gerald McCoy

I want to say thanks and express how pleased I am with your service. Not only did the crew exceed my expectations, but everyone on your team was very pleasant and professional to work with. As a repeat customer, I rate your service and company an A+++!

I would recommend...

Apr 05, 2012 by Dave Schwartz

I recently hired Atlanta Water Damage Repair Experts to repair my house in Sandy Springs. After I requested an estimate, I was promptly handled by one of their salesmen. I agreed on their price and signed a contract. They came to my house when they said they would and the job was completed specifically as contracted and I had my home back \"good as new\". I would recommend Gary, Jeff, Elwin and the rest of their team to any metro Atlanta homeowners.

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