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For Your Water Damage Restoration Atlanta…

When it comes to water damage restoration Atlanta, we have different teams that handle different parts of the process.  Additionally, each team has people on it that can provide different construction trades and specialties in order to complete the whole water damage repair project.

The four main phases are listed here below:

  1. Stop the water leak or source  of water
  2. Clean-up the site and get it dry to minimize mold
  3. Repair the source of the leak or flood
  4. Repair the site so that it’s “good as new”

Mixed into the 1st half of this water damage restoration process is the interaction with the insurance company via it’s adjuster(s) and/or claims department(s).  It’s important to get quick agreement from all parties to move forward with the water damage repairs so the first three phases can take place as quickly as possible.

Delay in Getting the Clean-up Done can Mean More Mold…

If there is delay in the first three steps of work, then another storm can come back through and make the damage worse, the creek out back can flood again, someone can forget and use that toilet upstairs, etc.  Delay in getting the second phase done will almost always lead to additional mold problems and expense in the case of an Atlanta water damage restoration project.

This is not good for any of the parties, not you, not us as the water damage restoration contractor and certainly not for the insurance company.  It’s important to keep this in mind and work together to initiate the first three phases as quickly as possible.

Insurance Companies Can Offer Too Little Money…

Sometimes, an insurance adjuster, whether they work directly for your insurance company or are a freelance adjuster, will miss items that will cost to repair or will just in general “low ball” the estimate to repair your water damage.  In many cases, simply sending them our estimate with all the appropriate details will be enough to have them raise the settlement amount awarded.

In instances where we find ourselves deeply not in agreement with the insurance company and/or their adjuster, we always reserve the right to invite our affiliated private insurance adjuster into the situation. We try to avoid this, as it can often add 2 weeks to 2 months to the timeline, however, the insurance companies are usually still more than willing to get the water stopped and place cleaned up to minimize any increased mold exposure.

A Private Insurance Adjuster Can Get You More Money…

In 75% of Atlanta water damage restoration claims, Jeff gets more money than what was originally offered and it can frequently be more than double the original settlement offer.  Jeff’s fee is 15% and we rarely have an instance where the new amount didn’t cover the repairs and the deductible.

For many of our clients, it’s hard enough to cover the $500-2,500 deductible, let alone be short of water damage repair funds after adding it back in.  For this reason, we value Jeff and his partnering with us and our clients to make sure this stress is not added to an already unfortunate situation and to make sure the funds are available to truly put your property back “good as new”.

We’re Glad to Help with the Whole Process!

As you can see, we handle Atlanta water damage restoration projects everyday and are fully prepared to help you work through this process from the beginning.  Give our Atlanta water damage repair division a call today at 404-620-4440 and let us help you get your life, home and business back to “good as new” as quickly and as peacefully as possible.

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